Mount Moments 07



How do people make time to settle? Months clip by like meagre days and there’s no second-guessing when your life is passing you by, no settling for a job you hate, a place you can’t grow, people who don’t inspire you. How can you even begin to feel contentment if you don’t give yourself the fundamentals? Surely a basis to bloom, create, go mad with passion and love for all elements of your day to day life, that is the most important ingredient to self-love?

‘If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.’


Deep chats with empathetic souls. El feels trapped too, wants more than whatever the present has to give. We grab drinks up the road and I chat her ear off, it’s all about idea’s and feelings, the topics that make me think and leave me feeling renewed: politics, feminism, youth, travel, work, philosophy. El is a refreshing change. She’s intelligent, self-aware and she just gets it. I don’t feel pessimistic when we discuss things, more contemplative. It’s the same for all the ladies surrounding me right now. At work, they’re all a force to be reckoned with.


Barred, enclosed in this paracosm,

grey world ignited in rose illusion,

tinted scenes from a novel land

embraced in a fairer story.


You are HERE, in THIS place, with THESE people and THESE opportunities. You have THIS face and THIS body. THESE are your words and your thoughts. NOW is where life is and I hope so ardently that you won’t waste too much more of your life away in that hopeless yearning for another self, time and place.


They approved my second-year work visa, I met the news with no such excitement. Everyone around me is overjoyed, they know how much effort and money went into the application, how daunting the six week wait was to find out the result. But it obviously isn’t what I want. This proves that. But where to next? Home? What’s there?


Light and love, N x


Pieces of: Lake Tekapo…


Lake Tekapo was always just a stopover place when I was planning the South Island, a moment to gather myself between the lively scene of Queenstown and the end of the route in Christchurch. In fact, it ended up being, like many of the smaller stops on the way, one of the most memorable. I suppose it has to do with limiting your expectations. As a daydreamer and a romanticist I tend to put too much hype in the way of future plans. Lake Tekapo didn’t strike me as spectacular so all it could really do was surpass that and surpass it indeed it did.

I make friends with another solo female traveller on the bus between Queenstown and Tekapo. An intimidating look sets on her face and I’m apprehensive to start up conversation on the drive. She speaks first though and she’s bloody hilarious, a girl from Finland roaming around a couple countries before she devotes herself to the army back home. We clamber up Mount John, a small forty five minute hike, and chat like we’ve known each other for years. We even scout out vegan food in the village together and are reluctant in our farewells in Christchurch, just the next day.

The scene of it all is something magical all on its own and you’d think that by this stage I’d be over the remarkable natural treasures of the South but nope, each stop has something that sets it apart from the others. Here it’s the sprays of Russell Lupine’s, a wildflower that has quick become my favourite and one I’ve only spotted here in New Zealand, blooming around the still glassy surface of the Lake. Up on Mount John’s peak we take in the full view of Tekapo, tones of purple, pink and turquoise, accented in that lush evergreen that trademarks these lands for me. There’s an observatory up top which we both skipped out on. As with most activities here, it’s pretty pricey and we fancy a free, mellow, star show by the lake later anyways.

On the drive in, our tour guide gets us all stoked for clear skies filled with constellations. For most of the night we aren’t at all fortunate and everything is instead blotted out by thick clouds. Luckily after a restless couple hours trying to sleep on a squeaky bunk, I get up and go for a walk in the early morning hours, I’ve never been so grateful for a sleepless night. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me and it’s not like it would have captured the site all to well anyways. But the sky was filled with stars. I grew up in a city and other than a couple camping trips where the light pollution was left behind, I’ve not had such an opportunity to really see them. It frustrates me some, that such a simple sight, should be so rare but simultaneously renders me speechless that such a small moment could leave such an imprint on me.

Light and love, N x


Mount Moments 05…



Three days off. One day too long. A brazen walk into a tattoo shop. It’s raining, I’m bored, and I’m careless, reckless, desperate for any sort of feeling. So now I welcome a new addition to my arm, a quote that reminds me of dismal days I conquered, that stretch of time when I was both most and least myself. It’s a kind of courage for the days that spiral down that same road, a memento of a project I committed to, resonated with and completed but mostly a little thank you to a musician who taught me a lot about the transitions of being human and making it in this world.

‘It’s Life and Life Only.’ – Bob Dylan.


The moon looks her most threatening tonight, ruthless confidence, beaming magnanimity. But I still find her allure in all of her phases. Great goddess of femininity, the truest most courageous representative of me and all of my sisters.


Independant. Stubborn. Restless. Impossible. What a collection of negative descriptives.

All of those terms have been used to describe me more than once. And I have to admit, regrettably, that they’re true. I used to take pride in my independence but…I’m lonely. And I guess I always have been a little bit, growing up too introverted and unseen. Somewhere I lost the ability to feel the bad in it and just embraced loneliness as my norm. Being alone never really solidified a relationship with myself but rather started this blooming of self disgust. After years of sharing my space, both at work and home it hit hard to be so isolated these past four months. But I think I might of made a break through with her, the me that defied self love for so long. That’s something, right? But in that I’ve found a new hunger for companionship that never really reared it’s head before.


Light and Love, N x


Pieces of: Wairere falls….


When I’m ‘Settled’ into routine and have to put travelling on hold, it’s little adventures and road trips that keep my spirits up. A friend took me to Wairere Falls the other week and it was a right test for my lungs and my poor little legs. Despite the pain once we reached the summit the trek up seemed like nothing. We weren’t expecting the waterfall to be so impressive anyways so even the road leading to it took my breath away a little. The first view point is about half way up and gives you a stunning view of the waterfall itself set into the rocks and lush greenery, you might very well feel like that’s enough and want to retreat but you have to troop on because waiting at the top is the real treasure. The day we chose was a windy one so the waterfall was actually floating up to shower us,  water droplets catching in the sun rays and pure views of green rolling hills. It took about an hour and half, round trip, if I remember rightly, with options for longer more advanced routes. Here in New Zealand there’s always something waiting to stun you around every corner, this place is in a league of its own. I’m keen to check out more of the trails around and about Tauranga and if you ever find yourself in the area be sure to give this one a go.

Love and Light, N x

Visuals: A year since Aus…

Thoughts from 27th January 2018…


It’s been one year since I left the first place I believed I could call home, Two years since I left the place that should’ve been home to find it.

Australia started as an overwhelming (and sweltering) disappointment. My first time in a hostel, even if it was a private room. How do people poop in a shared bathroom with people around? How am I supposed to feel clean when the shower is coated in grub and other peoples hair? How many people have slept in these sheets?

And the city? The pollution mixed with the heavy air of a summers day, a mist rising off of cement pavements which could belong to any other city, in forty degree heat we take on central Sydney seeing nothing we haven’t before. I was prepared to have no culture shock, of course I expected a sunny England with familiar store names and what not but this was still a disappointment. Where were the laid back surfer types? The chic cafes and Koala’s? I hated Sydney and I missed home.

Throw it forward another twelve months and Sydney would be just a blimp on the map of my Aussie adventure. Actually, it was more than that, because after exploring more of the suburbs and living there for four months I grew to call the city home and could of happily stayed out my full year there. Which is why I took off searching for farm work, to complete my 88 days and earn a second year visa. Silly to think a place so anti your residency could feel so much like a home but I still feel excitement now, a year later, when I think of returning.

This is just a little scrap type post to commemorate a period in my life I still hold as the best year I’ve lived. If you’ve ever thought about up and moving to another country or you already travel and are considering Australia, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for, the shove you need to get on that plane.

Where is home for you guys? Lemme know in the comments.

Positive energy and blissful vibes, Nx


1 Week in Lanzarote…


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Nostalgia seeps into my groggy morning brain almost instantly as we enter Newcastle International Airport. The last time I departed this place was on my way to New Zealand, my last memory of the three of us there together took place at the same time, outside security, clutching onto one another, surging through the desperate emotions of a goodbye. Now we check in, all three of us, together. My passport is out of my charge for the first time in years as my Dad takes on the role as head of the family. Just like old times.


Sun greets us on the other side of the flight. The signs in English and Spanish are familiar from years of travelling through similar layouts on other Spanish Islands. I vaguely recall my curiosity as a kid, the new language and trying to pick up snatches from the locals as we walked through. Our resort is equally as memory jolting. Balding middle aged English men, sitting outside of tacky English style pubs, torso’s pale in the wake of a T-shirt, contrasting to burnt arms, lager in hand. It’s always been the same on tourist resorts and I smile. It’s an old, new, way of travel for me.

There is some culture in the local dishes on the western menu’s. Their authenticity I daren’t guess at but it peaks my interest, even if I won’t eat them. On the grey days, where even paradise caves to misery, I hope for car hire so we can explore Lanzarote some more. It doesn’t happen. My parents holiday to unwind and enjoy the sun. On longer, fortnight holidays back when I was a kid, the car hire was always my favourite part. Winding through mountains, ocean view after ocean view. My innocent mind would real with secret daydreams, the landscape my setting whilst my pink iPod nano created a soundtrack.

Despite the itchy feet feeling of being stranded on the same street, by the same windy beach and too cold hotel pool I thrive in the simplicity of being taken care of. I’m not alone, I’m not responsible and in the middle of the week somewhere I find the easy rhythm of the place and learn to just be.

It shouldn’t be a task but it always manages to be, just sitting and noticing and breathing. Simplicity makes me anxious and I realised how much my rampant mind had been craving it on that holiday. I knew I set out travelling to run from something, I just never accepted that something was my own thoughts.

Love and happy energy, N x

Visuals: Auckland

The Harbour.
More Harbour
Domain winter gardens – that amateur flower shot though!
Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens
Auckland Domain
Auckland Domain
Mount Eden
Mount Eden
Mount Eden
Mount Eden
Mount Eden


Art Gallery

I only had a couple days in Auckland and only one of sunshine so my portfolio isn’t exactly impressive. You can read about my full city adventure Here but I wanted to include a couple snaps anyhow. Especially of the Domain Winter Gardens because they were free to visit and stunningly beautiful, a completely unexpected discovery on my trip.

I’m sorry my blog is lacking a little! I’m starting up my new little life in Wellington so its mostly working, getting drunk and drinking waaaaaay too many coffees. But there’ll be better content soon I promise.

Sending all the good energy and love, N x