Cosmic Vibrations: May…

So this post is most definitely a bit of a cheat because I just ripped off the best bits of the month from my side project, @sonicsprite, over on instagram. But I thought it might be nice to fill a little hole here on the mothership blog anyhow especially for any of you musical lovelies out there. So here we have my most favourite three album discoveries/releases of May…


7 – Beach House

A pocket of mystery within the music world. At it again with that dream pop ambience, lulling vocals, synth play and world building. I adore this album. I’m not exactly top notch with producers and whatnot but I do know Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) and you can feel his experimentalism at it on this record.
Some highlights:
‘Lemon Glow’ – the melody and lyrics, especially in the chorus, allude to pop but drain any love song innocence away with deep drumbeats and the intoxication of Legrand’s dramatic tone.
‘L’lnconnue’ – simultaneously whimsical and haunting. Is Legrand a woman or a powerful faerie queen pulling on her mysticism to subdue us all? It seems so in the almost cryptic incantation that builds in the opening of the track. ‘Seven girls’ ‘Seven ways’ ‘Seventh girl’ maybe the albums title is an admission of the bands link to some otherworldly power rather than a straightforward count of albums. ‘Dive’ is a…dive. A slow descent at first, floating down gently but picking up momentum as you surge deeper. The guitars pick up mid way, nudging you out of the hypnotic calm of the first couple minutes.
The album feels very much at unity within itself, all of the levels drift into each other, making it impossible not to want to listen from beginning to end.
I could chat about this for hours. What’s everyone thinking about it?


Daniel Blumberg – Minus (2018)
Was anyone else super into Cajun Dance Party and that one album they released way back in 2008? A decade later and this is the lead singer. What a bloody evolution.
Loved CDP for sure and I was also a fan of Yuck too but this is on a completely new level. It’s incredible.
It’s a little introspective and cynical lyrically, poetic and raw and honest. There is something in the repetitive phrases that stirs you, like Blumberg is tormenting himself in some songs and reassuring himself in others. In ‘Minus’ the opening lines are four rounds of ‘Minus the intent to feel, I’m here’. Throughout the whole song it’s like he’s giving up pieces of himself for ‘this love’. The music itself is hectic, lots of layers and genres and no real flow. For instance, the twanging of bluesy guitar on ‘The Fuse’, the soft lull of piano introing ‘The Bomb’ delicate shifts here and there to peak your interest throughout. Each track synchronises the elements of each instrument to the lyrics, echoing the feeling in words through sound and it’s both awesome and disconcerting. ‘The Bomb’ is simple three verses mostly encompassed by the repetition of lines but it’s backed by the inconsistent low jars of violin play and then a somber piano that provide a melancholy beyond just Blumberg and his careful vocals.
The album is just seven songs, but they are seven songs that exist entirely in their own separate universes as well as a collective. It’s a body of work that really announces itself, timeless and agonising but loud in its triumph.


Hatchie – Sugar & Spice EP
A little dream pop baby with vibrant shoe gaze elements and catchy lyrics and one of them slinky pop voices that make you feel all nice. She’s ace. Definite Slowdive vibes with those scuzzy sounds and an inkling of Wolf Alice in there too, ‘Sleep’ could slot in on Visions Of A Life, maybe with a few more guitar riffs, and her voice has that familiar haze like Ellie Rowsell. Feisty feminine tones that chase the dominating instruments with a winning delicacy. Sugar and spice rounds up the sound quite fittingly. Just five songs and I’m smitten.

If you’re a music lover then please help me out by taking a look at my little side project over on instagram @sonicsprite. Or take a look at my Spotify for playlists and what not. I’m also always keen to write for other projects, so if you have a music blog and need writers, holla at me!

Light, love & cosmic vibrations, N x


jameshighland-4Today I wore sandal’s and had to peel off my skinny jeans and don a skirt because Newcastle had an uncharacteristic sunny spell. I loved it. Though it made me nostalgic for bonfire beach nights in Australia, we had a pretty lovely Summer style evening in the back garden. Above are some recently released jams I’ve been groovin’ too. Strong vibed, high summer soundtrackers that made the people smile tonight when they tinkled through the speakers. I also just wanted to gush publicly about some of my recent obsessions. In particular Harry Style’s debut solo album which has had me falling in love with him all over again. It’s nice to have Foster the People back too, they’re one of my all time favourite bands and the new stuff is pretty great, even if they are growers rather than head over heels in love first listens. I’m waiting very impatiently for MGMT to finally release some new material too, I’m so ready for more of my favourite boys.

Any tracks you’ve been loving lately, new or old? Please share I’m always scouting out new favourites! Also what you thinking of solo Styles? Any albums you’re excited for?

with love, Nx


Happy Sunday.

This post is pretty much just a way for me to gush about this album (‘Cleopatra’ – The Lumineers) which I am terribly late to. I think it’s beautiful and it’s consumed me for the past week. I just can’t tell you all the feels I’ve been feeling guys, this album takes me on a trip. I cried the first time I listened to Cleopatra, which was accidental on a Youtube playlist, on public transport. And it wasn’t just the lyrics either – the power of those didn’t hit until about the fourth listen – but the music! I never used to understand how music could be powerful on it’s own, without lyrics or an scene in a movie, but goodness this proved me wrong. Something about the tone of his voice and the fitting together of the instruments. This is one of those times I wish I were better with words, or more so, I wish words were better with me. They just don’t portray what I want them to.

Today my favourite track is ‘Gun Song’ but yesterday it was ‘My Eyes’ and tomorrow it will be another.

Melancholic, Nostalgic, Romantic and more, so much more.

Today I’ve had most of the day to myself and it’s been lovely to get inspired by the little things, those small moments of happiness that are so simple I often forget about them. Coffee, Vinyl and Poetry. I’m grateful for these.

N x