jameshighland-4Today I wore sandal’s and had to peel off my skinny jeans and don a skirt because Newcastle had an uncharacteristic sunny spell. I loved it. Though it made me nostalgic for bonfire beach nights in Australia, we had a pretty lovely Summer style evening in the back garden. Above are some recently released jams I’ve been groovin’ too. Strong vibed, high summer soundtrackers that made the people smile tonight when they tinkled through the speakers. I also just wanted to gush publicly about some of my recent obsessions. In particular Harry Style’s debut solo album which has had me falling in love with him all over again. It’s nice to have Foster the People back too, they’re one of my all time favourite bands and the new stuff is pretty great, even if they are growers rather than head over heels in love first listens. I’m waiting very impatiently for MGMT to finally release some new material too, I’m so ready for more of my favourite boys.

Any tracks you’ve been loving lately, new or old? Please share I’m always scouting out new favourites! Also what you thinking of solo Styles? Any albums you’re excited for?

with love, Nx



  1. A surprise scrapbook I received in the post from some special humans I had to leave behind in Australia. I’m a sentimentalist so it goes without saying this is one of the best presents I’ve received.
  2. Make-up. A foreigner to my skin, which has had a very lovely year of sun kissed freedom. I like nude by nature, it’s cruelty free, mostly vegan and this foundation is the sheer sort which still lets my imperfections shine through (It’s the Luminous Sheer foundation which I can’t source on the website). I don’t like full coverage, just enough to keep me confident but also keep me, me. The powder is nice too but I don’t really use it all that much.
  3. Coffee Dates with my best friend. I had to go a year without them so this month has been all about filling those missing spaces and investigating what awesome cafe’s my city has to offer. Pictured is Pink Lane Coffee a creative little nook, with a menu and vibe that has me reminiscing about Australia (can you tell I miss it?) I’ll be sure to do a little review of it soon!
  4. A Book and a cup of tea. I don’t really enjoy regular tea (terribly un-British of me I know) but I’ve developed an addiction to green tea as of late. I’ve also been re reading my favourite books to encourage more words and less telly in my life. Hush hush is just as heartbreaking to finish the sixth time around. Yes this is a young adult fantasy, yes I’m a twenty two year old woman, what of it?
  5. Instagram – My favourites this month have been my friend Jody’s – She’s a photographer so her feed is always perfect shots of beaches and travel fun. And also Tia Hendricks for style inspiration and empowering captions.
  6. I have too much time. I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME. With too much time comes too much youtube so here’s a bundle of joyessness to fill your time, if you have too much time, like I have too much time. Time, ya know?
  • Meghan Hughes – specifically the Pizza Talks, her one with Arden Rose just recently was delightful, go Check it!
  • Negative Feedback – I’m Miss. Amateur everything so I’m trying to use this space in my life to learn things. I super love photography so this little Youtube channel is expanding my mind (even if some of it is a little too smarty pants for me). P.s. give me money so I can afford this hobby.
  • Neverland Boys. Co – I like adventures, they do adventures. I like the sea, they film the sea. I like Australian accents, they have Australian accents. It’s win, win, win. Also checkout their blog and instagrams for insane pictures of insane places, it might hurt your wanderlust a bit!

So there we have it, a couple pieces that made my month, inspired me and kept me busy during too many lost days of moping around. How about your favourites? Any book, music, instagram recommendations?

N x

Pieces of August…

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Reading: It’s been over a year since I finished a book, being a Literature grad I feel this is equal parts disappointing and understandable. This month I found time, whilst waiting around for work in a small town, to really settle down and focus my chaotic mind on the words of a page. ‘Big Magic’ meant little to me in terms of Gilbert’s other novels (I remain in the minority to have not read Eat Pray Love, it seems) but still it was a light, energetic read for a wannabe author (a wannabe anything really). A good amount of philosophy among little snippets of personal encounters, inspirations and experiences with magic. It got me inspired to write again and I appreciate her nods to feminism and her dispelling of the tragic author.

Music: Sticky Fingers – Cyclone (The Village Sessions) Don’t get me started on my love for these guys. This version, the lyrics, the acoustic guitar, it has my feels trembling.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 15.08.52

Instagram: My favourite instagram page of recent has been @caitmiersphotography. She’s actually been one of my favourites since the early days, a feed of blue, adventure and soulfulness. It lifts my sea craving spirit and has me smiling at the prospect of future adventures.

Blogs: I’ve found myself scrolling through the articles of The Messy Heads Blog more than my twitter feed recently (I know right? crazy). These girls are woke, they’re fluent, intelligent, active young women taking back there gender and society. Love it, love them.

Youtube: On a similar wave length to the Messy Heads blog, Cartia Mallan and Stella Rae are owning Youtube with there focus on veganism and being young women in a troubled society. This Video is equal parts tenacious personality, wise beyond their years tidbits of wisdom and encouraging comraderie between women at an age where all other females seem to be in competition with one another. Give both of their channels a watch.


Adventure: Being in Melbourne, alone, for a day. I’ve travelled with company pretty much this whole year and there’s something intense about doing it alone. Knowing no one in the city you’re in and being able to completely immerse yourself in the things you love. Nothing gets me like wandering through photography exhibitions, or people watching and writing in small cafe’s. I love Melbourne, I love feeling free to be anyone and I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

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I hope you found this somewhat interesting. Let me know if you like these kind of posts and let me in on some of your favourites!