Nifty Nooks: Wild One Wholefoods…


Where: 9 Prince Ave, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

The Beans: Kokako (An Auckland based Roasters that is both organic and fair-trade.)

Favourites: Soy Flat White, Salted Caramel Smoothie, Coconut and Blueberry muffin (can you tell I have a sweet tooth?) and I’m sure there’d be more if I could only make it to the actual menu.

During the awkward days on my first arrival in Mount Maunganui I do what I always do, when I’m bumbling about a new place, and seek out a sanctuary. Away from the pollution of people in the hostel, away from the too crowded cafes over run with intimidatingly cool locals. I find Wild One Wholefoods¬†on Prince Avenue, just off of Mount Maunganui road. It’s space is clean and vibrant and the selection of vegan options overwhelming. My love isn’t cemented until I take my first sip of the smoothest soy flat white I’ve had in weeks. It’s a beautiful thing. The gnarliest barista.

I come back day after day as I fall into a wandering routine. Broken only by the promise of my own room in a flat a little too far away to frequent so often. Though that’s probably the best thing because money only lasts so long (spoiler, I’ve since moved out of said flat and into one right across the road, Good bye savings!).

The girls who work there are the loveliest, always good for a chat if it’s quiet enough and always working their little butts off on busy days (I wrote up this review a couple months back before I actually became one of those gals haha! I love brewing up a storm so pop in for a coffee made by moi!). If you are vegan, gluten free, or health conscious in any way then this is the spot for you. The menu is inventive, though I barely make it past the cake fridge where you’ll find the coconut and blueberry muffin, which is my all time fave. And the owner is super cool, a young woman making waves of change with a little nook for the health and planet conscious cafe lover.

Love and Light, N x



Revolver Cafe Seminyak


Down a random, albeit pretty quaint, alley in Seminyak, through a manned door, into an underground, speakeasy vibed cafe, is where you’ll find some of the best coffee I tried whilst in Bali. Revolver is the hipsteriest of the hipster and I loves it! The interior is thought out from corner to corner, with an upstairs and a kind of secret second cafe bar. From the pursian rugs, to the fragmented mirrors donning the walls, everything encompasses a artsy, pretentious aesthetic, all part of your coffee drinking experience. I went for an almond iced latte and my friend for a tell tale long black. Both of us left satisfied. As much as I loved the coffee aspect (when am I not overjoyed about good coffee?) the place itself lived up to the high expectations Australia has taught me about how coffee should be made and experienced. The music is alternate guitar based and upbeat. The reading material stretching from local newspapers, to quirky beautifully produced magazines, to an outdated (only just) copy of the Sydney Morning Herald. I fell in love with Belly magazine, a surf/urban culture magazine straight out of Kuta. The interviews were actually interesting, carried out with fascinating and talented individuals overlooked by most popular magazines. On the way out are printed T-shirts, product of a highly anticipated spot to visit. It’s a great place for a sit and cool down and perfect if you’re slightly homesick from Sydney and its coffee culture. It is a very western thing I’ll admit but its uniqueness makes it a worth while addition to your Bali bucket list. If you need a spot to catch up on some work, or an inspiring place to update your blog and edit some photo’s it makes stopping off at a coffee shop while you’re on one of the most beautiful islands slightly more excusable.