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Midnight Sins – Jennifer L Armentrout


A haunting, erotic, very devourable novel. I didn’t absolutely love it and it did take a bit of time to get into but it was a nice easy, impossibly romantic, storyline with a proper crime plot around it. There was a hint at ghosties and the supernatural but it never lead anywhere, it was more of a thriller than a fantasy. Which of course was gripping just not a genre I tend to get obsessed with. Armentrout is, as always, one of my main ladies and her female lead had that same headstrong determination I’ve always admired in her novels. Julia was relatable and courageous and grew subtly throughout which is always a little bit empowering. The de Vincent brothers were a treat too, and not just because of how they were physically described either, it was a pleasing story in itself to go from that super tense relationship between them all, to that sense of loyalty in the end. Armentrout planted little seeds of intrigue hinting at the lives of Gabe and Dev too, which definitely upped the hype for the next instalments.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

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After the whole A Court of Thorns and Roses hype I was sceptical to try another series by Maas because it seemed that anything would just be a disappointment in comparison. However, though I can’t quite let myself love this world as much just yet, it still indulges in that smooth writing style, particular description, deep world building and of course a feisty leading chica. Celaena is a freaking assassin for a start which is just such a top level of badassery I can’t even handle it. It has just the right sprinkle of romance between a lot of magic and action packed scenes too. And though I was gunning for a possibly lesbian relationship between Celaena and Nehemia (how perfect would that of been though?) the tension between Celaena’s obvious attraction toward Prince Dorian and that hopeful little spark toward Chaol was tension enough. I’m team Chaol by the way, in case you were wondering.

Be Careful What You Joust For – Ryan Hauge and Ivy Smoak


This one is a little bit special because I got to read it before the release and as an avid reader of the fantastical, that was a slight honour. When I was in my teens I was following all major writing and book publishing career paths, I wanted to be an editor and publisher and a published writer and just all of the wordy creative pursuits. I used to follow book bloggers and get all kinds of envious when one of my favourite authors reached out to them for an early copy of a book and then a couple weeks ago it happened to me.

I read the synopsis and I was super keen, it had hints toward the historical and fantastical, a whole load of depth to promise a gripping read. What I loved most was the multiple perspectives. It gives you a stronger engagement with each of the characters and as there are a whole bunch of them with varying but related stories to tell, it’s a pretty nifty narrative tool. I was particularly fond of Isolda because of her double life and Terrin for his wild little heart. It was a beautifully crafted world too and after that cliffhanger I’m hungry for what the writers have up there sleeve for the rest of the Pentavia series. Massive thanks to Ivy Smoak for letting me read it ahead of release too. So cool.

As always drop me your recommendations and favourites below. Always scouting for new paper worlds.

Light and Love, N x


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