Pieces of: Nelson…


Christchurch > Nelson…

Vivid blue hues, lively greenery, pebbled bays, quaint town centre, bustling weekend market, mini road trips, local tour guide, reuniting with friends, beach photoshoots, actual english style chippy chips, busy harbour, dog walks with Rosie (just look at her!), bonding with bus buddies, lazy hikes to the centre of New Zealand, hunting down vegan treats at The Kitchen, talking with the locals, community vibes, old school buildings. 

In Nelson I met up with one of my flatmates from Wellington, Kea. She was studying back in the city but was home for the summer having grown up in Nelson and was the loveliest tour guide for the afternoon and morning I spent there. It’s the cutest little town with some quaint little spots and if you’re there at the weekend you have to check out the market. With thrifty stalls, fruit and veg and food trucks it’s a good way to spend a morning and meet the locals.

I talked with a lady at a trinket stall, selling handwoven bags and terrariums, she was from Christchurch originally but dwelling in Nelson, by the sea. I’m not one to just talk to anyone, I always want to chat to the locals and be a “real” traveller rather than a tourist but I’m always too shy. This was easy though, she was a very light being, full of spiritual wisdom and when I told her about my need to constantly be on the move, to never settle, she told me to keep following my gypsy soul because that was a rare freedom so many people were afraid of. Such a small pocket of time on my little adventure but one of the most memorable. So yeah, hate to be a cliche but talk to the locals y’all. I also bumped into one of my regular customers from my time working in a cafe in Wellington. She was visiting family and invited me to dinner the evening after but I was already booked onto a bus to leave in the morning. I felt truly connected to the locals in Nelson, odd considering I spent only one night there.

All of the blissed vibes, N xx



Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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