Nifty Nooks: Welly Round up…

In the end I lived in Wellington for around four months and in those months, me being me, I obviously spent a considerable amount of my time, and my funds, in cafes. I just dig coffee…hard.

Anyways I thought I’d support some of my favourite little spaces in one post to give them the recognition they deserve. Wether it was a quick drop in and drink, a place to zone into my latest read or the just right vibe to get my creative juices flowing, here they are:

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Southern Cross:

Where: 39 Abel Smith St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 (Just off of Cuba Street).

The Beans: Havana

The Usual: A large soy flat white with an extra shot of espresso (they come in a joyous hug mug, oh the comfort!) and Smoothie bowl.

Vibe: A long stay type venue. The inside and courtyard seating are pretty large so even on the most bustling of days a seat is pretty easy to nab and the staff never make you feel like you need to move on. There are also a few choice spots to shield your screen from prying eyes, sheltered booths and cute little garden corners, great for getting stuck into some writing.

Memory: Sitting in the courtyard on a vacant morning in a little beam of sunshine reading a book and sipping my coffee. It was so peaceful and I felt so calm.


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Innocent/No Strings:

Where: 161b Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

The Beans: When I left Welly they were just starting to serve filter coffee, using Havana Beans.

The Usual: The Cocoa juice (Number 5 maybe?) and a raw snickers bar (though the above picture avoids my addiction and features an equally as yummy acai bowl.

Vibe: A grab and go. There is a window bench but it’s such a small space that it makes sense to take away. The guys who work there are simply the friendliest people going though so you will probably stand around for a wee while chatting all things yummy. I used to grab my favourites on the way to a cafe that didn’t sell vegan friendly foods (usually Starbucks for the pretty speedy internet).

Memory: The day pictured. Sitting in Glover park in the sunshine and getting chatting with a couple slack lining guys from Belgium. It was one of those moments when I felt fully connected to life.

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Where: 119 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

The Beans: Flight (praised be my favourite coffee!)

The Usual: A cold brew. They cold brew. Man I want one right now.

Vibe: Always packed on the time I visited, though that was usually on a weekend when everyone wanted brunch. The space is clean and modern, a stellar hipster retreat. They have an open kitchen, white walls, hanging bulbs and a wall dedicated to original skateboard deck designs. It’s quirky and invigorating, a great creative space.

Memory: A hungover brunch date with one of my closest friends Lee. Me being quiet because I’d damaged myself with too much rum but also feeling all of the love for the passionate ramblings of my company. It was one of those times when you really feel every single sip of your brew.



Where: Boatshed 4, Frank Kitts Park, Wellington 5032, New Zealand

Beans: I’m not 100% but I remember they were fair trade and organic

Regular: A soy chai (Not coffee *gasp*)

Vibe: Blissful. This was the first cafe I ventured to in Wellington. The staff were quirky artsy student types and I got chatting to them about veganism. Somehow we got onto the subject of my love for chai but inability to order a vegan friendly one anywhere, turns out their recipe was vegan and so it became a regular thing on those winter days when I was finding my feet. You can boat watch, people watch and journal. The whole energy around the little shed is continually inspiring. It’s one of the few places I’ve been able to sit without anything but my coffee and just be.

Memory: The first day in Wellington, feeling completely alone but honing in on that little seed of euphoria budding inside. I felt so completely alone that it went from fear to liberation right at one of those tables overlooking the water.

So there we have some of my fave nooks in Welly. There are a couple more I’d love to mention however, that I can’t seem to track down images for.

The best coffee I had in Wellington: Milk Crate, a soy flat white. I only went like three times toward the end of my stay because I’d always been to intimidated to go in but it was a mighty fine cup of joe each and every time.

Other nifty spots: Midnight Espresso, if only for the soul of Cuba Street it holds within its walls. Raglan Roast but the little shed one on Abel Smith St., not the new one on Dixon. And of course my beloved Fidel’s which has it’s own review Here.

All the love and blissful vibes, N x

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