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‘The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho:

Has anyone not heard of this novel? A renowned author and a renowned tale, for good reason too. It’s a short work but a powerful one. When I reached out for recommendations a lot of friends pointed me in the direction of this (proper pretentious traveller folk, eh?). Almost all of them were surprised I’d never read it. It’s such a spiritually invigorated tale. Full of fictional glamour but with the real driving force of spiritual awakening. There are passages that are just plain beautiful and concepts like the ‘Soul of the World’ that evoke a giddiness in you as you read. The narrative is deeply philosophical and the central protagonist a very ‘every man’ type bro so it’s easy to see why so many people have resonated with a book that had the potential to be pretty heavy.

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“The Miniaturist”: Jessie Burton

It’s been a long time coming, this one and I’m happy I managed to pick it up and devour it before the TV adaptation made it’s way onto the screen. Historic Fiction was never a genre I’d favour but in a mad fluster at the airport I snagged it off the shelf. I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t eat or focus on anything outside of its pages. The world ensnared me so wonderfully that I got that detached sadness when I reached the end. There were tears and tantrums from me along the way and a rich love for the characters. Even the ones I felt didn’t deserve my fondness. What a beautiful little world she created and the character arc for Nelly such a ride. A solid ferocious woman.

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‘The Fortune Teller’ Gwendolyn Womack

This is more of a classic ‘me’ read. A dip into fantasy and adventure. The central protagonist is a bad ass, intellectual young woman, in a successful role as a curator for auctions. She has that classic mysterious past which unfolds itself throughout the storyline. First with the discovery of a letter, addressed to her, from the dead father of a client, a man she never met. Along with an ancient manuscript, hidden from other treasures in his room of ancient collectables, her past and present start to come into clarity. There’s a love story in there too but it’s a minimal booster to the major plot line. There’s mysticism and pure old fashioned storytelling to this. I’m almost finished Womack’s debut novel ‘The Memory Painter’ too so I’ll let ya’ll know how that one goes (Spoiler: I’m already in love).

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As always I would love to hear any recommendations so pop them in the comments. I’m really enjoying writing these book posts and hope you enjoy reading them! I’m back out in New Zealand now, finding my feet so travel posts will be on there way soon.

                                                In All the love, N x


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