Nifty Nooks: Pink Lane…

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1 Pink Lane Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW

I’d been back in Newcastle less than a week, I had no job, the few friends I did have at home were busy living their lives and I had mad cabin fever. Braving the stranger feeling of the bitter northern England temperatures, I bundled up and headed into town, my feet following familiar streets and lane’s scouting for a spot to sit and sulk, preferably with a mug of coffee warming my hands.

I headed down to the train station, remembering a little cafe tucked down Pink Lane that I’d passed by back when I was too scared to try anything new. Ducking in out of the gloomy grey weather I’m hit by a space reminiscent of one of my regular haunts in Sydney, Basket Bro’s in Surry Hills, the space is light and well used. The tables mismatching but in a charismatic kind of way, some worn wood tops, others sheeted by old coffee bean bags. There’s a counter straight ahead with a beautiful coffee machine that immediately I wish I could work with and a glass case with neat looking cakes and snacks. The welcome is warm and I’m shown a menu, printed words attached to a clipboard, just like how the Aussie’s do. I see the word ‘Piccolo’ and smile fondly but opt for a soy flat white, my regular.

When the coffee arrives it’s presented in a glass, exactly like a latte would be back ‘home’. I enjoy the bitter nutty taste and perfectly textured milk reminiscing about adventures in new places, always stumbling upon little nooks like this one and finding each coffee tasting as good as the last. I take in the pink neon sign ahead on the back wall and trail my gaze along finding framed photography and paintings labelled with artist and price, local talents. The guy next to me scribbles in a battered notebook, the girls behind studious looking tapping at keyboards, at the back table a family sits eating cake and laughing. It’s such a diverse lot and I feel inspired making up stories to fit each of their lives.

This little spot has since become a regular escape. It’s one of the best brew’s in Newcastle and if you can nab a seat it’s the perfect place to spend hours zoned in on a project. So if you’re in the city be sure to give it a try and if you have any other recommendations for Newcastle Upon Tyne then holla at me bro, I need all the vibey spots I can get!

Love and blissful vibes, N xx

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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