Nifty Nooks: Fidel’s, Wellington


Cuba street is the heart of Wellington. One of the purest examples of why it’s constantly referred to as the ‘coolest small capital’. With heaps of thrift stores, independent boutiques and shabby chic cafe’s you could easily spend an afternoon strolling around and stumbling on new finds. Of all the cafe’s and restaurants though, Fidel’s might just be my favourite. Whether it’s ducking inside out of the rain for an almond milk flat white and a vegan cupcake or chilling out in one of their two courtyards for vegan nacho’s on a sunny Saturday. Their menu is impressive, their staff easy going and smiling and the vibe of the place is just so Cuba street.

On this particular day we crashed in solitude out in their side courtyard and hunched over Nacho’s in a too hungover state. By the end of our meal we were full on delicious coffee and yummy plant based mexican goodness. They have vegan cheese so you can get all up on that pizza hype too. Their brunch menu is the only thing I’ve yet to sample, it ends at 4:30pm, which is just way too early for me to be ready and alive on a Sunday (which is usually our Fidel’s day). The drinks menu is also pretty vegan friendly, with juices and a choice of soy and almond milk. There is even a healthy almond cocoa drink for the health conscious plant based eater. Try their BBQ tofu salad or vegan bowl for something a little less indulgent too!


Any recommendations for vegan foodies in Welly? Pop em in the comments!


Peace and blissed vibes, N x

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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