I think this post is pretty mindless and I contemplated leaving it for a while but yesterday night as I was getting ready to go out a girl joined me at the mirrors of the hostel bathroom and commented on how little make up I had. She gestured to this huge canvas bag, stained and grubby from messy post face making fingers, and told me how much of  a pain it was to carry it around in her backpack when she barely used any of it. I nodded, I made the same mistake when I first hit the road. So here goes, my What’s in my Travel Make up bag post. Hope you find it helpful.


First things first, buy a small bag. Mine is a more of a pencil case and I nabbed it for a couple of quid from H&M. This means you simply cannot overpack, even if you find yourself wanting to take seven different lip colours “just in case”.

Secondly see this as an opportunity. You’re going to a new place where nobody knows you. You can completely rebuild your identity. Maybe use it as a window to stop using so much stuff on your face.

Likelihood is, if you’re off backpacking then you’re gonna be going somewhere hot or somewhere to volunteer. Both of these circumstances don’t warrant a bold red lip and a five step eyeshadow look. You just won’t need it.

So what do I take:

  • Foundation – I’m using this ‘Fresh Nude Foundation’ from The Body Shop at the minute and it’s pretty darn good. Very light and easy for everyday.
  • Concealer – My nude by nature one which I’ve had for waaaaay long. It’s alright though.
  • A mini ‘Urban Decay Naked Basics’ eyeshadow palette with very usable nude shades.
  • A little nude by nature palette with a contour, bronze and questionable setting powder/illuminator section.
  • My very most favourite soap and glory eyebrow archery thingy, the pencil and setting gel one.
  • My holy grail mascara the thick and fast one by soap and glory.
  • A couple brushes, very old and worn real techniques ones.
  • One lipstick that I very rarely use but is the only “just in case” item. And that’s it.

Travelling has actually taught me to be very sparing with my make up, I used to love buying things but now I’m super hesitant to spend my money on anything that isn’t an actual experience. This goes for clothes too, though I tend to slip up a little more in that department. I wish I could brave my bare face, I did for a time in Australia but I just feel a little better with a bit of coverage.

Any top beauty packing tips? Share your wisdoms below!

Peace, N x




Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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