A Day of Self Love…

A couple days ago I woke up anxious. It was unexpected considering how well I’ve been doing but isn’t that always the way when it’s your own mind that plagues you? It got me thinking about some reoccurring habits I tend to implement on days like those, habits that in retrospect I feel every human should embrace every so often to revive their love for life and remind themselves that they’re important.


  1. Brew a cup of Joe – Sit for a minute with a cup of coffee (or whatever your favourite drink is), doodle, read or just space out for a minute. Drink slowly and feel the contentedness. It’s such an odd little comfort, but no matter where I am in the world my morning coffee is always a treat. The warmth as you wrap your hands around the mug and the slow flow of the liquid light in your veins, bliss!
  2. Wear pretty lingerie – I never understood this one until recently, but comfortable, pretty underwear gives you such a confidence boost. Doesn’t matter if no one sees it but you.
  3. Dance around in said underwear (or naked if ya really feelin’ it) – Put on some top tunes, my groovin’ tunes of choice lately have been anything by Sundara Karma and the new Wolf Alice single ‘Yuk Foo’, and dance around a little, maybe do so whilst cooking up some yummy food for yourself.
  4. Make that food the good stuff – Eating junk used to comfort me, but too much doesn’t serve me on a bad day. When you’re feeling anxious try not to give in to the tub of ice cream for one and give your brain some love. Try making yourself something tasty but nutrient rich. My go to is a buddha bowl, full of greens and pulses.
  5. Read something empowering – I love poetry because it really occupies my mind. Puling out a pen and really dissecting the lines is the only thing that quietens my thoughts. Anxiety tends to lessen your concentration and heighten the rampant thoughts in your brain so try out a few activities and find one that really takes all of your energy. Some like running or going for a walk or if being outside or around people only worsens things and you value solitude on these days then try reading, painting, or even those adult colouring books (They really helped me for a time).
  6. Cleanse yourself – Literally and spiritually. A long warm shower or bath, with all of your favourite products (break out the Lush stuff and treat yo self), can really sooth you. Carefully wash your hair, do a face and a hair mask, go crazy! Paint your fingernails and your toe nails (try a brighter shade to liven up your mood), moisturise your skin and put on clean PJ’s. Try some yoga or meditation to cleanse the inside, put out those bad vibes and work your body. Exercise is good for boosting happy inducing endorphins so a light yoga workout is good for your mental state and gives you no fuss good vibes.
  7. Think about it – Collect a list of things, depending on what is making you anxious. Write a list of everything to be grateful about. Even those tiny little things like that morning cup of coffee. Write a list of your positive traits. All the aspects of yourself you’ve been complimented on, don’t dwell too much on the physical but if there is a specific part of your body that you’re confident about it wouldn’t hurt to pop it down. Write a list of goals or upcoming events you have to look forward to. Things like a coffee date with a friend, a book release date, the next season of Game of Thrones (Seriously though, how exciting?). Starting to really count the little things have helped me so much. My anxiety often stems from fears about the future, losing loved ones, not seeing the places I want, not helping enough people, not succeeding and making the most of my existence (basically I have a had a multitude of existential crises.) My fears will sometimes be more prevalent and I can’t stand to be around people or think about anything. So for me my lists will be about how I made the most of yesterday. Or even the day I just lived through (hence how this list of self love came about.
  8. Get it out – I’m not a talker, I prefer to write what I’m feeling, put it into a poem or a piece of prose. It kind of feels like I’m taking something ugly and creating something meaningful. I often look back on these pieces and remember the time they are from, it helps to encourage me to go forward, that even though today is rough there’ll be a time when the feeling is just some disconnected lines on paper. If you’re a talker then call someone you trust. If something is really plaguing me and I’m feeling brave I’ll talk to my mam. If you’re feeling especially bad, or your anxiety is leading to a worsening state of living try contacting a support network. There are heaps out there, only a google search away, try Samaritans or anxious minds. I can’t tell you how much of a difference talking about things can make. Anxiety disorders are the most common in the UK and so many people suffer in silence or wait until things get too bad, remember it’s a very human thing.


Is there anything you would add to this list? Any top tips for a wee bit of self lovin’?

Sending lotsa love and heaps of good energy. Nx

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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