Amy Perrins is my soul sister. We met at University on our very first day and seemed to just continue to vibe in tune together throughout the experience. When it came to travelling I couldn’t of chosen anyone better to do it with. We both have the same freedom seeking spirit, both creatives not destined for that brutal nine to five grind. Neither of us had much of a clue to be fair, we just sort of booked the trip once we both had the funds and let the rest fall into place. A one way ticket and dreamers optimism. Thankfully, Amy is a little more organised than me. She’s a list kinda girl and without her I’m not entirely sure I would of gotten a lot of things done. She’s a strong headed, open minded, fun chica to be around and I miss her ever so much! So here’s a little looksie into that marvellous mind of hers.

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Name, age, favourite movie (good luck choosing just one)…Go!

Amy Perrins, 22. Ooh that’s really really difficult and I have loads but I’m going to go with Pulp Fiction.

Where do you come from originally? What is your favourite thing about that place?

I  am from the West Midlands in England. I don’t know exactly my favourite place about that exact area but whilst I was away I did really miss British pubs – very random but there’s nowhere else quite like them.

Favourite memory of Australia?

That is so difficult I loved the experience as a whole but in terms of a ‘big thing’ I did. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge was probably my best memory, I loved the time we chose to do it and that I got to do it with my best friend and that I could look up at it after and be like ‘omg I was at the top of that’

Is there anything you learnt about yourself whilst travelling?

yeah definitely. I feel like I grew a lot over the last year, I still make mistakes (and who doesn’t) but I’ve started to learn from them. The biggest thing I’ve learnt though is just to be yourself and if people don’t like you then that’s okay. I’m so much happier that everyone in my life loves me for who I am and not for someone I’m trying to be. You can’t live life worrying about what everyone else thinks because you’re always going to be making someone unhappy so all you can do is do what makes you happy.

Top three things/places on your bucket list?

I really want to do a bungee jump in New Zealand. I’ve heard it’s a great place to do it and I’m sure I’ll be terrified right before but it’s still definitely at the top of my bucket list.

I am obsessed with great white sharks (and sharks in general) and it is my dream to get to see one up close, preferably in Cape Town. Once I have got this ticked off my bucket list I’ll be happy.

I really want to kayak by orcas. I think you can do it in Norway. You can’t approach orcas but when you do it in the right place they will approach you and I think that would be just incredible.

As a bit of a make up addict, if you could only choose five products to take on a trip, what would they be?

No make up is cool too. I’d take one shadow palette – it would be a hard choice but I’d probably go with my Kat Von d metal matte palette because it has such a variety of colours, I’d have to take my too faced mascara, my too faced sweet peach glow highlighter. I am lost without lipstick so I’d have to take one but it would be a really hard choice – I love really bright ones but if I had to pick only one it would be my Kat Von D studded kiss lipstick in the shade ‘lovecraft’ just because that colour goes with everything. For my final item I’d take my Kat Von d lock it concealer.

I always think of you when I think of fashion. What three wardrobe staples are necessary for a trip to Australia?

For a trip to Australia you definitely need shorts! I personally love denim ones that are high waisted, I feel a lot more confident in them. You obviously need to take a bikini, you’ll be doing a lot of tanning and beach time! I’d say the last thing is a pair of comfy shoes, that you can wear on a night out or for long walks in the day. I am a huge fan of heals but Australia was not the place. My White converse did me proud in Australia!

Any pro packing tips?

I did start off as a massive overpacker myself but I do feel I have conquered now (eventually) A good tip for when you leave to go travelling is to remember you will buy stuff whilst you are away so don’t take every single thing you own with you. The one thing you should overpack on is underwear! It will cut down on washing! Nothing more annoying than having enough clothes but having to pay for washing just because you need underwear!

Advice to someone who wants to travel but always finds a reason not to?

My advice to someone who really wants to travel but always finds a reason not is just do it! It’s not going to ruin your life just trying it, you may love it, you may hate it but at least you gave it a go! I ended up loving it but there was no chance anything would have stopped me going, even a seizure and epilepsy diagnosis. If you are always finding an excuse not to go be honest with yourself about why are you putting off going. If you are scared then just go for it!

And try and connect with other people by booking with a company like Gap360 so you have connection with some people before you go so it will make you less nervous.

Next Destination?

My next travel destination will hopefully be Southeast Asia followed by New Zealand, providing I have saved enough money, if not I’ll reverse the two and save more money for Asia working in NZ!

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