Ladies and Gents I would like to introduce you to…Jody! One of my favourite little nuggets, she’s made of light and good vibes and has one of the most contagious smiles. I’m constantly in awe of her chilled out, super Aussie-esque style and her creative energy. I met Jody, like most of my good travel mates, in Coffs Harbour during that all too long farm work stint. We shared beach days, drunken shindigs at Hoey Moey and a lovely little city getaway in Melbourne. My only regret is not making more of an effort to get to know Jody earlier. We ran in our own little cliques, friendly but not good friends until our friend circles over lapped and I welcomed a kindred spirit into my life. So here goes, I asked Jody about her travels and a little about life as a photographer and I hope you find some inspiration in her answers (I know I did).

by the water-2

Name, age, favourite song…

Jody, 26, it changes all the time but the ones that make me boogie these days are “Our Town – Sticky Fingers”, “Sweatpants – Childish Gambino”, “History – Cosmo’s Midnight”.

Where do you come from originally? What is your favourite thing about that place?

I’m from Brussels in Belgium. My favourite thing about it is probably its central location. I can easily go on little getaways without losing too much time on the way.

Why did you choose Australia?

I’ve always been curious about Australia for the nice weather, the beaches, the good lifestyle and the surf. I actually didn’t know much about that big island before I jumped on the plane.

Most inspiring place in Australia as a photographer?

I think what inspired me the most was not a place but the light. The golden hours are my favourite, that light makes everything look magical and it brings me creativity for some reason!

Which camera do you recommend for the perfect travel shots?

I have an iPhone 6 and I shot most of my travel pictures with it. The quality is not the best you can have but it’s okay and it’s so easy to carry around or to hide in your towel when you go for a swim đŸ˜‰ I also shot heaps with disposable cameras! You have to be patient cause you obviously can’t see the pictures straight away but it’s so worth it and so much fun!

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt whilst travelling?

Don’t let the little things upset you and don’t waste your time and energy on people who don’t put as much effort as you in your friendship/relationship. Makes life ten times better!

Favourite memory of Australia?

I think it’s too fresh in my mind to pick only one! When I met two french girls on the beach in Byron, we actually became friends in the blink of an eye and today they’re my best friends! Magic happens when you travel, I swear!! Or when I went skinny dipping in the ocean with some friends after a party. A security person pointed at us with a big torch so we had to paddle back in and run as fast as we could to put our clothes back on!

Top three things/places on your bucket list?

Stay happy! Explore South and Western Australia, Live in Australia

What are your travel essentials?

A few notebooks to write down what happens and what inspires me, my gopro to catch the little moments (underwater are my favourites) my phone to take pictures of everything all the time and a big bunch of good people!

Advice to someone who wants to travel but always finds a reason not to?

Just go! If not now, then when? Don’t be scared to lose what’s or who’s home cause they’ll always be there no matter what.

Next Destination?

Probs back to Australia to live the life I started and then explore more of that amazingly beautiful island!


Want More of Jody?

Personal Instagram

Business Instagram


Keep an eye out for a fun new project coming from Jody soon, hopefully you and I will get to help out too!

N x

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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