My second interview is with my BEST FRIEND Megan Plenderlieth. We met in the very early days of our Australian adventures and just clicked and that click only continued to click when we took on farm work together and spent twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in each others presence for like almost six months. There was a traumatic period of separation anxiety when I left Australia that’s for sure. It was intense! But the best kind of intense there is. Where Megan is a fucking genius, all logical reasoning and numbers (but like in a passionate, fun way, not an intimidating one). I’m a ditzy, dreamy, accident waiting to happen. She’s my better half, it has to be said. But our differences compliment each other SO BLOODY WELL and our opinions on the serious matters in the world are almost always the same so there isn’t much to fight over. We got each other through a pretty stressful time, trying to compete 88 days of farm work for our second year visa’s before our time was up on our first one. Have you ever tried picking blueberries for 8-10 hours a day, seven days a week in thirty to forty degree heat? It isn’t fun but we did it and I think it’s because we had each other.

by the water

Name, age, favourite colour…Go!

Megan, 23, sky blue

Where do you come from originally? What is your favourite thing about that place?

I’m from Bromley, which is south east London/Kent. There is always so much too do and I loved roaming around on a cheap travel card with my friends on the weekend discovering new things to do and see.

How did you find yourself in Australia?

I was in my last year of uni and realised that I needed a break from studying but i also had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew that I wanted to travel and Australia seemed the best place to do that.

Favourite place in Australia so far?

There have been sooooooo many places I’ve fallen in love with but I think my favourite place has be between Melbourne, Coffs Harbour and the whitsundays! It’s too difficult to choose one because I love the city life but I loved everyone I was in Coffs Harbour with as we became a little family and the whitsunday was just breathtakingly beautiful.

Tell me a random fact (I know there are plenty in that noggin)

A turtle can breath out of its ass!! My favourite fact of all time!

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt whilst travelling?

That I need a lot less to survive and be happy than I thought I did. Like in Coffs Harbour I was broke pretty much the entire time but I had the best time because of who I was with not what I had.

Top three things/places on your bucket list?

To see the northern lights in an igloo in Norway, to bathe in the hot springs in Iceland and to trek the inca trail in Peru.

Favourite way of getting from place to place?

I love the train especially when you get amazing scenery and get to see the countryside passing by the window.

Favourite memory of Australia?

Christmas Day was one of the best days of my life, it started with cooking breakfast (and drinking) with my Coffs family, then going swimming and jetty jumping, then lunch at the hostel, with everyone! Opening my present from my family which had been in my cupboard for over a month waiting to be opened, back to the jetty to jump again and swim with a wild dolphin then finally going to a house party with all the Coffs family and getting to call all my relatives back home while it was Christmas for both of us!

Fave memory – Aussie Christmas (“Plus my fave outfit! My pyjamas!”)

Advice to someone who wants to travel but always finds a reason not to?

Travelling doesn’t have to be a long time away from family, go for a long weekend, or a week or 2 week holiday somewhere new. Travelling is fundamentally about experiences.

What book are you currently reading?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, it’s about an English women at the end of WW2 being transported back 200 years to the Scottish highlands a few years before the 2nd Jacobite rebellion (which Scotland lost and marked the beginning of the end for clan life in Scotland) basically I find it super interesting.

Next Destination?

After I finish my 2nd year in Australia my current plan is to head over too New Zealand for a year or so but my plans are constantly changing so who knows what will happen.

Want more of Megan?


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