When I set off on that flight to Australia the people I would meet on my journey were the biggest of my worries. I’ve suffered from social anxiety since my early teens and making friends, even making eye contact with new people, completely terrifies me. Turns out this trip would change me forever, teach me that I wasn’t alone, that there were other lost souls seeking adventure and a sense of self. So that’s where this little segment of my blog comes into play. I want you guys to meet the people I got the absolute honour of meeting during my time in Australia. I want them to enlighten you, inspire you and make you fall in love with the world again, like they did me. You’re welcome!


First and foremost let me introduce you to a woman who is now without a doubt one of my dearest friends: Bronte Frater. We met in a hostel in Coffs Harbour (which forever more will be known as one of the many places I found a home), struggling to get farm work in order to earn our second year visa. Bronte terrified me at first, so seemingly confident, a loud Scottish woman with the biggest of bubbly personalities. But after just fifteen minutes in her company I felt like we’d known each other for years. She was bright, honest and possibly the most refreshingly ‘herself’ person I’d ever met. She taught me so much in our days bobbing in the waves, being mermaids in the Coffs sun. We didn’t just talk boys and idle gossip (though there was plenty of that too) but we talked idea’s and emotions. I finally met someone who gets it, gets that emotion is power, knows what it feels like to live in your empathy and to always be vulnerable because of it. She’s one of the few magic makers in this world and anyone who gets the chance to meet her is a lucky one.

Spring _ Summer 15 Look Book

Name, age, spirit animal…Go!

Brontasuours, 19, mermaid!

How did you find yourself in Australia?

I was on the hunt for something new and far away, Oz.. felt like it would fit that.. also when my mum was my age this is where she found herself and the same for my grandparents so couldn’t let down the tradition of course.. you know out of respect and what not!

Favourite place in the world?

Favourite place in the world… so many!! I think.. I would have to say Dubrovnik.. we’ve got so many special family memories there!

Pick a cheesy travel quote (I know you have at least five memorised)

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves”

Best part about travelling?

Best part of traveling.. all of it.. getting lost and making infinities in the simplicity of staring at the stars, getting scared, being Inspired. Learning something everyday.

Top three things/places on your bucket list?

Africa, Alaska, to become a mermaid.

Dream travel buddy or are you more of a lone wolf?

A bit of both I love being around people but I love my own company.

Favourite memory of Australia?

Favourite memory.. blommen hell which one! I reckon my skydive so far.. waking up, not planing on it due to fear then seeing someone that I met in Coffs Harbour at breakfast at the hostel at mission beach and then their holding my hand as I booked the skydive after she told me how amazing it was.. this women was 65 and finally having her gap year!

Advice to someone who wants to travel but always finds a reason not to?

There is never going to be a good/right time to travel. Just go, you need this. Everything you want is in a backpack and everything you need is in the world.

You’re on a long coastal road trip, your sunnies are on, the breeze is coming through the open windows, you got a beautiful view of endless ocean, what song is playing soundtrack to this momentous moment?

Lets go for… forever young.

Next Destination?

Let’s see what Italy has going on!! (This is the wrong answer, Bronte will indeed be coming to find me in New Zealand.)

Where to find more of Bronte:


I hope you found this interesting and if you have any answers to any of these questions yourself, comment them below! Lets inspire our fellow nomads together, yeah?

N x


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In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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