I threat majorly about eating vegan when I head out of my home security and into a whole new place. When I mentioned to people that I’d be taking a trip to Bali those who new me well feared for my ‘selective’ diet. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Ubud is by far home to some of my most favourite vegan spots ever! Yep, ever! So I’m gonna pop up a few reviews to help y’all out whether you’re vegan yourself, have vegan friends or just want some yummy wholesome food.

First stop, Soma. Not 100% vegan, but making a good go at it, soma is located on ‘Jalan Guatama’ my favourite little side street in Ubud. The place itself is beautiful, a peaceful vibe with water features, lanterns and peaks of nature everywhere. When I thought of Bali I had this specific Buddhist, hippy, type image and this restaurant for sure lives up to that. We sit in the centre of the place and take it all in, gushing at some of the items on the menu. There’s a good choice for vegans, vegetarians and health food fanatics. My friend is not vegan but something in me sees it as a challenge, luckily she’s won over by pretty much every place we try. She opts for a raw pad thai and I go for the Gado gado rolls.

One thing about being vegan and into travel is that you can’t always experience the culinary aspects of a place. Luckily Indonesian and Balinese food tend to be quite vegetable based, so even if they aren’t originally vegan friendly it’s pretty easy to substitute and remove items to make it so. The gado gado rolls are traditionally vegetarian, and often times advertised as vegan so its a win win! I get to care about the animals and experience some local flavours. This dish was so fresh and yummy and the peanut sauce is something I crave still now. I could have eaten this every day.

Happy Eating!

N x

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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