Peace, Love, Glebe…

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Glebe is a quirky little Sydney suburb, not incredibly exciting on a normal day bar the infamous Donut Time and the cute little cafes and bars. On a Saturday though Glebe is alive with vintage wearing, coffee drinking, record collecting, youth. Any Saturday, anywhere in Sydney, will be busy but this is uncharacteristically so.

The market is a mess, a colourful, patterned mess, of flea market type thrift stores, second hand bargains, crystals, independent boutiques and food vans. There is live music by the field where groups sit in there 60’s style clobber eating from brown paper boxes and drinking from coffee cups. There is chatter and laughter and freedom dancing through the warm air. It’s an energetic space, an inspiring space, a space you go to connect and reflect and escape.

The stall runners are warm, encouraging purchases but more interested in getting a good chat out of you. My vintage denim obsession thrives here and I’m talked into buying crystal donned jewellery from a gypsy soul enthusiastic about the properties of the stones and there value to enhancing life. I grab a coffee from van, a soy vanilla latte before approaching my favourite stand, 80 raw 20 paleo, of vegan treats for a banana and peanut butter pop. In the warm breeze I sit and take in the space around me, the music soothing and the people are living.

If your trip to Sydney is short and you’re there over a weekend then Glebe Markets is definitely one of my first recommendations, you’ll probably see me nosing through some stalls and stuffing my face with vegan cake, so come say hi!

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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