88 Days…


When I decided on Australia as my first destination on my world tour I never quite expected to fall in love with it this much. So much in fact, that I’m willing to commit myself to 88 days worth of gruelling farm work just to stay an extra year. I do believe this second year visa system is flawed in some sense, a little rash, a little underpaid, a little last century. But rules are rules and I can’t fight a whole government on this. After all what can a 22 year old English girl, with no notable accomplishments (though there was that awesome vegan trifle I made this one time), bring to Australia? So after a few stern internal confrontations with my better senses, the ones that remember that failed attempt at fruit picking earlier in the year, we’ve decided to woman up and give it another go. It’s taken a lot of research, a lot of hopes built up and then torn back down, but I’ve decided on a farm (citrus picking) and I’m going on Monday, all guns blazing, determination raging and a whole six months of life changing meetings and adventures to spur me on. This is for me. This is for another year packed full of happiness and discoveries. Sometimes you got to put in some hard work, do some less appealing things, to come out better off on the other side.

And it’s got me thinking about that old travelling cliche about ‘finding oneself’ you know? It’s a cringey phrase to get your mouth around without spluttering with laughter or grimacing part way through. But we forget cliches are cliches for a reason, because they are built on feelings and experiences shared by so many. I don’t think I’d be where I am right now, in terms of self love and overwhelming gratitude, if I were back in newcastle making coffee day in, day out with no real purpose in my life. And yes my purpose right now is purely selfish, purely an in the moment type deal, but its there and its real and its making me heaps happy.

I’m terrified and bewildered at this new woman creeping up on me who’s bold enough to trust that gut instinct she’s always suppressed in the past. I love her, we’re gonna make a good team, watch this space.

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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