Cafe Organism, Darlinghurst, Sydney:


A dim, cosy lit, space with yummy coffee, curious creations and the best vegan banana bread. The crazy exterior draws you in, especially if you’re instagram inclined like moi and the interior is just as aesthetically pleasing in a hipster kinda way. I opted for a sweet potato latte made with soy milk on my first visit, completely unaware of what I’d be presented with. It was a yummy vanilla milkshake tasting drink with little pieces of sweet potato floating about. My friend opted for a gluten free brownie and an orange juice and was equally as pleased. I’ve since been back and sampled their iced coffee, both as an americano and as a latte and recently gave a soy chai latte a go when I was ill. It never disappoints and the family who run it are the loveliest, especially once you’re a regular and they recognise you. If you visit Sydney, and you’re slightly obsessed with having coffee in the quaintest, quirkiest (albeit hipsteriest) cafe’s then you gotta go to this one, you just gotta. On a week day it’s also the perfect place to sit and write, none of the noisy, stubborn wifi, you get in Starbucks (though ironically I sit in Starbucks writing this post) but good wifi and a peaceful space full of creative energy to vibe off. You’re welcome!

Any Sydney cafe suggestions?

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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