Love to Brussels, Love to the World…

Image Source: Bondi Ink Instagram
I fight with myself because I believe love can fix things, I believe the answer to the tumultuous problems of this world are down to lack of understanding and compassion and when I voice it people ridicule me, patronise me. When terror happens we react with more terror, create more terror and then anticipate more terror. Instead of uniting with each other, we oppose each other, we throw hate at each other and find reason to point the blame. We forget that love is a weapon too. That bombs, guns, knives and corruption are alive and thriving because of us. That terror rests on the shoulders of humanity as a whole, or rather our lost humanity. People tell me to hate a religion because individuals hide behind it to inflict pain, what they don’t remind me is that there are billions of individuals belonging to that religion who spread powerful messages full of light and meaning. There are poisonous minds in this world its true and I appreciate that people are afraid but they’re not afraid of Islam, of Muslims, they’re afraid of the darkness we created when war became the only way we could reason. If someone believes the sacrifice of innocent lives will take them to a holier, brighter place, its because someone used their faith, their reason for living to pollute them, to inflict pain. I’m sad for Brussels and for every other country forgotten in their struggle against terror. My love is with the families who lost their loved ones, I hope the souls lost find peace and those left behind can find hope.

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

One thought on “Love to Brussels, Love to the World…”

  1. Your article is beautiful if only love would cure everything. We live in evil times,young people being brainwashed to kill anyone that does not have the same believe. But we sometimes choose forget that the west invaded the Arab countries and killed thousand of innocent people too. We forget that evil is spread by social media,the press and politicians and racists too. We too are being radicalised to fear anyone that is different, Steve Jobs bought a fantastic gift but like weapons he also bought us a curse that cannot be stopped.

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