Women have intrigued me, inspired me, created me. I have never accepted that I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Maybe it’s my strong mother, my fascination with women in all careers making life their bitch, the girls I’ve befriended with awesome personalities and ambitious aspirations. When I was young I would play sport to prove I could beat the boys who mocked me, I would wear clothes that were deemed unfeminine, I’d embrace it when people told me I shouldn’t be doing something because I was a girl. Now? I don’t think dresses make me less of a feminist, don’t feel I have to prove anything because of my gender, I’m proud of my body, my beliefs, my role as a female in a society not bending to accept me. Most importantly though I’m aware. I’m aware of what it took the women before me to get us to where we are today, I’m aware of the women still battling mass prejudice in countries around the world, women deemed inferior in intelligence, physicality and political input. I’ve become a strong supporter of intersectional feminism, realising that to be female is not the only challenge. Our world is twisted but we’ve made it this far and with bright, vocal, even poetic voices in the media, literature, music, making waves everyday in the common acceptance that women are equal, we’re gonna go places. Basically I’m proud of the women who shaped me, who encourage and inspire me. I’m positive we can make a bigger change by respecting, accepting and supporting all women, of different races and classes, ages and sexualities. Once we stop bringing each other down, stop giving in to the stereotypes and images we’re forced to perceive of ourselves and fellow women, we’ll be free to charge through with more victories. We’ve got something flowing, however faltering it sometimes may seem, we can only go forward. So yeah this is just a shout out to all the girls out there, I’m proud of us, I support you, we’re doing a damned good job.

Author: nikki

In a constant existential crisis, dipping me toe in everything, trying me best.

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